“I remember when I got my first migraine. I was in elementary school and had to go to the nurse’s office because my head hurt so badly. My mom picked me up from school and I remember lying in the back of our station wagon in pain. It’s still such a vivid memory, one that I won’t ever forget. Now, here I am 40+ years later still dealing with migraines. What has changed: I remember my headaches going away much more quickly as a child; they typically lasted about a day. Now they last at least 48 hours.”

“I remember using cool compresses on my head when I was a kid. I also remember taking some sort of pain relief medication and having to lie in a dark room until they ended. Now, I’m still doing the same things except I did get a medication from my neurologist that I’m supposed to take as soon as the migraine starts. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t.”

“I went to a neurologist a couple of years ago, but before that, I was just seeing my primary care doctor. I had a CT scan to be sure there was nothing wrong in my brain. It came back normal.”

“Nothing gets rid of the pain altogether. It has to go away on its own, usually after two days. The things that have helped me get through the pain are cool compresses on my head, pain relievers, and caffeinated soda. But I usually have to lie down in a dark room until it goes away.

One thing I always do now: hold different pressure points on the head. This really seems to help with the pain.

I’ve also tried acupuncture, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. These didn’t help. The one thing that did help slightly was keeping a food journal, which I started doing about 10 years ago. What I found from this: vinegar and processed meats (things like cold cuts, sausages, etc.) are triggers for me. When I eat these things, I’m guaranteed to get a migraine. Also recently, pollen has become a trigger as well.”

“Frustrated! I just feel so frustrated that despite all the things I’ve done and am doing that I’m still getting them. And now, what’s even worse: my 17-year-old daughter just got her first migraine with an aura. I can see it all starting all over again with my daughter!”

*Name has been changed to protect patient’s privacy.